Packing It Up: Tips for Packing for trips with kids

Today’s post has a few practical tips for packing for a trip with kids. For more travel tips, check out this post.



I  am writing from vacation with my family and in laws. We had a 4am wake up call so I dressed my kids at bedtime the night before in comfortable clothes that they could wear for our travel day. When we had to leave for the airport, we picked them up from their beds and loaded them straight into the car.



-Less is more.

I consider myself to be a strategic and prepared person but the more trips with kids we go on, the less we end up bringing for them. Less really is more.


Find out if you will have access to laundry facilities where you’re going, be easy going about what can be worn more than one day in a row, don’t bring anything that you can buy where you’re going, only bring clothes that you actually like and wear. I used to get inspired by my own closet while packing and find things hanging in the back that I hadn’t worn in years. “Oh, I’ll wear this on my trip!” No, it never happens. Don’t pack it.


-Using packing cubes or smaller suitcases over bigger ones is going to help you not exceed your weight limit. We have used the Eagle Creek brand cubes in the past and really like Dakine bags for our suitcases.


-Pack toiletries the whole family can use. We like to use natural products for the whole family and it makes sharing things like soap and toothpaste simple. You will cut down on bringing lots of toiletries for everyone if you consolidate and just pack one slightly bigger one for everyone to use (we like Dr. Bronners or Kiehls when we are in the states). For any toiletries that you do need, get tiny versions of it - even if it doesn’t seem to be making a difference, it can add weight to your bag in a sneaky way.

-Know your exact luggage allotment for your specific airline and travel with a luggage scale. Luggage weight specifics vary from airline to airline so knowing ahead of time what your limit is can save you stress. Some airlines also have weight specifications for carry on luggage so at helpful to know ahead of time so that you don’t end up having to check a bag unexpectedly. 


Pack lightweight shoes and workout bands for versatile fitness on the go.


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