Focus: YOU

A new year is upon us and there are ads swirling around everywhere for resolutions, fitness challenges, and eating plans. It can feel overwhelming for all those messages to change to be coming at you. So, as we anticipate this new year let's gather our thoughts together for a moment.

It’s a new year, but it’s the same you. And that's something to be celebrated. Let’s not shame ourselves into change by guilt about the choices that we have made over the previous year. Let’s learn to make the best choices for ourselves to become the best versions of ourselves. Let’s love and respect ourselves and make changes accordingly.

The world doesn’t need a “new you”, it just needs you. If you want to eat a different way or start new fitness disciplines or put some practices into play to become more centered and present, we will be right here cheering you on.

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Guest Post: Katie Meyler // More Than Me

Guest Post: Katie Meyler // More Than Me