Day in the Life // Queen Ivey -OC California

Day in the Life // Queen Ivey -OC California

Every month in our " Day in the Life" posts we feature a woman around the world to get a small peek into other people's "normal". We are honored to feature Ivey Ketterer, you can call her Queen Ivey (with good reason).

After the complicated birth of their daughter, Sofia, Michael and Ivey decided not to have any more children naturally. When their daughter was seven years old she started having vivid dreams that she had to rescue three young boys. The scenarios were different in each dream but each time she had to pull one of the babies from danger. These dreams recurred for years. In one dream there was a girl her same age standing across a creek while one of the babies was drowning. In her dream, Sofia lifted the baby from drowning. Sofia began begging Michael and Ivey to adopt. They her at the beginning that their lives were perfect and they already had the perfect daughter. Michael explained that because they only had one child they could give her everything she wanted. What they didn't know was that she REALLY wanted her brothers and she was quietly praying in private for her family to grow. 


3 years later her prayers were answered. God had spent time softening their hearts to the idea of adoption. They began realizing the joy and fullness children bring, and they started to trust that God was leading their family to grow. They enrolled in Child Help as an adoptive home and the rest started happening so fast. They told their case worker they would only take up to three in a sibling group and they had to be under the age of 5.

They assured Sofia that they may not get 3 little boys but the very first call they got after being qualified was for 3 little boys; ages 4, 3, and 1! The caseworker adamantly warned them that these boys were WILD! The Ketterers knew, wild or not, they were theirs! It wasn't until the boys were in their home for 6 months that they uncovered another piece to Sofia's dream. The boys had a sister the same age as Sofia. She lived in a separate home. Just like the young girl across the creek.

Although caseworkers warned them not to get their hopes up, they held onto the hope that they would be able to adopt these boys.


A quote from Michael right after they took in the boys, "At first we were so naive, and what I've found out is that naivety for the most part is a blessing. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. And let me assure you, it was a battle at times. There were times it got down and dirty. Our children were in the balance, and only a parent can understand what that means. But we were always filled with strength. Heaven was ever present. Many have said to me, "I don't know how you do it, I would be so afraid of getting attached to a child then losing them." My response is always that we will never choose to love when loss is not a potential! What I'm about to say may sound harsh, but i hope you hear my heart in it. The word of God doesn't tell us to love the orphan if it feels good, it simply says in James 1:27 that the purest form of religion is taking care of the orphans. This is what every christian is called to and if you rise to the call you will be filled with strength, love, and anything else you need. I know this from experience.”


Two months later they got a call about a boy named Rodrigo who had been physically abused and had cerebral palsey, they accepted and he was at their door hours later. When they got the call, Ivey felt God say to her, “If I am giving Rodrigo to you, it is because I want him healed.” They have seen miracles almost daily in Rodee’s life and have had doctors break down in tears and say that he is a walking miracle. 


Two years after Rodrigo came into their home, Ivey had a dream about another little boy. She prayed that if he was her son, he would come into their family, and through a series of events Shawn joined their family. 


The rest of this post is written directly by Ivey. Her original post included about 7 million emojis but I had to take them out because they didn't translate to the blog.

Ivey Ketterer here one #hotmess! I have some fun facts about me:

I have 1 Hot Husband #mrketterer & 1 #sofiathegoldenegg & 5 #kettererboys we like to call ourselves the #kettererlife

I live in the #OC  Southern California & my favorite to do is go to the beach !

What is grocery shopping like for me  Well it's a piece of cake now-a-days  thanks to #instacart So now I can sit in the hot tub & order groceries delivered to my house. CAN I GET A HALLELUJAH?! Grocery shopping with 6 kids & a wheelchair is a nightmare!!! So when Jesus said: "Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am." I'm pretty sure He was referring to this #instacart



Warning: Little room for Error

6 Kids, 3 Schools, 1 Mom so this has to be a fine oiled machine if not the shit hits the fan 

We are a team so here is a break down on the chores because we have a lot especially with a child that is handicapped.

Ivey: Wake up Boys, Make all Delicious Healthy Lunches & Breakfast, Finish Getting Rodee dressed

Jared: Carry Rod downstairs, Help get Rod dressed, Carry Rod to the Car

Chase: Help get Rod dressed, Buckle Rod up

Jeriah: Feed & Water Dogs, Pick out Rods clothes

Shawn: Take the dogs out, Pull out lunchboxes & juice boxes

Sof: Makes us Tea, Helps keep everyone on task

Rodee: Bosses us all around 

Then we are all done and in the car at 7:30 ! We drop off the 4 boys at school & then we drop off Sofia at school & then it's just Rodee Boy and I. The second Sof gets out of the car he yells: CALL NANA!!! So we call my Mom on our way back home and then we get home and then get Rod out & load him up in his wheelchair and then put him on the bus by 8:05! (That paragraph alone will make you believe in miracles).

My favorite place to take the kids:


Definitely the beach my kids love to surf! We also love us some Disneyland!

My favorite local spot is Eat Chow in Costa Mesa! Super tiny spot with delicious food! What i get every time: a po boy sandwich with grilled shrimp!

What i do to rest and recharge: Well it's called #iveytime. I do whatever in the world i want to do as long as it's not chores! So that involves: The Beach, Walking, Shopping at #Goodwill, Going on dates with #mrketterer, The sky is the limit during this time. And i have #Iveytime everyday while kids are at school if I'm not at one of their billion appointments!

Follow along with their families journey, Ivey is a compassionate and hilarious woman and you'll be better for becoming her Instagram friend. 

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