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Introverts to the core, we usually shy away from introductions and avoid small talk entirely. However, the day we met, we instantly bonded over conversations about vegetarianism and protein pancakes, bought the same eyeliner and left a party early to go to bed. A few months later we both moved our families to South Africa from Hawaii. We have had adventures together as neighbors on two continents. Now, we live 11,680 miles apart but still come to many of the same daily conclusions about motherhood, fitness, memes etc. This blog was birthed out of our daily iMessage conversations and questions we both started getting in our inboxes daily. And we aren't vegetarians anymore but are still wearing the same eyeliner.


We decided to combine our passion for seeing other moms thrive with our common interest in wellness. Living on different continents, we felt like a momblog was the best way to make it happen. Our hope is that this space you can find inspiration and camaraderie in your own journey of motherhood. We believe that by inspiring one another toward wellness, we create a ripple effect that can change the world.